Corporate and Company Law

  1. General Corporate Law 
    • Legal advice relating to corporate law in connection with the founding of businesses and in case of changes to the shareholder or group structure
    • Draft and amendment of partnership agreements and articles of association
    • Establishment of joint ventures and other cooperations
    • Preparation of general meetings and other shareholder meetings
    • Assessment and legal representation in conflicts between company and shareholders
    • Conception of arbitration agreements relating to corporate law and participation in arbitration procedures
  2. Business Acquisitions / Sales 
    • Negotiating and drafting business acquisition agreements
    • Conception and support of management buy-outs (MBO), management buy-ins (MBI) and leveraged buy-outs (LBO)
    • Clarification of financing matters
    • Enforcement or defense of warranty claims and other post-contractual claims
  3. Restructurings 
    • Advice relating to corporate law with regard to mergers, spin-offs, changes of the legal form, contributions, company split-ups
    • Reorganization of groups
  4. Tax Groups and Company Agreements 
    • Designing tax groups and company agreements including tax evaluation
    • Development and optimization of group structures